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Our Mission:

The Bella House mission is to provide a safe, warm, and enriching atmosphere for homeless pregnant women, age 18 and older. Her stay can last up to a year post-birth, during which time they receive love, encouragement, and resources to help her prepare for motherhood, grow spiritually, set personal goals, and gain independence.

Since 2015 we have served over 170 moms and babies and provided thousands of nights of housing. Since 2022 our moms completed over 870 courses from parenting to pregnancy to financial matters, submitted 264 job and housing applications, and 100% of our moms and babies have received appropriate pre and post natal care.

We offer full-time case worker support, mental health counseling and transitional support for up to 3 years or more along with various resources to directly support the development of the mothers including one-on-one and group therapy, assistance with transportation needs and life skill presentations.

Many women tell us that their involvement with Bella House was the first time in their lives they had experienced the unconditional love of God. Some have never had their own bed or bedroom. Some are desperately trying to escape cycles of poverty, violence, abuse and dysfunctional relationships and while they often come to us broke and broken, the goal is to ensure they leave financially independent, spiritually healthy with a strong support system on her way towards an education or career goal.

Bella House offers an environment where LOVE is tangible, an understanding that transformation is only possible when one experiences an encounter of authentic love, the love of God that is reflected in the good works of a loving people. By honoring and respecting the innate dignity of the mothers who join our community, we create an environment that is profoundly respectful and affirming to the goodness of the mother and the life of the child she carries.